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About Us
For more than a century, STABILA has produced innovative, precision-made tools in the time-honored tradition of German craftsmanship.
Anton Ullrich took over the family business and put his mind to improving tools for measuring. In 1865, as he watched a carpenter create a yardstick, Anton devised a method for joining several sections of a yardstick together to form an improved measuring tool, later called the Ullrich Hinged Rule.
We are a German manufacturer of specialty measuring and layout tools.
Our products are the preferred choice of professionals throughout the world. Precision measuring tools perform faster, easier and create more profit.
All of our tools are factory tested and durable; built to handle real world job site conditions while providing craftsmen with the dependability and consistent accuracy they expect and deserve.
Measuring and layout is high risk; we produce accurate and durable tools that meet that demand. Stabila measuring tools perform better than advertised and eliminate rework and call backs, speed production and improve profits.
Our designers and engineers examine jobsite applications and manufacturing processes; they interview and work directly with the most demanding craftsmen to make our tools more accurate, dependable and easy to use. From the company's first invention, the folding rule to the latest technology, Stabila has become synonymous for precision, speed and reliability.

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  1. Stabila Spirit Magnetic Level 81SM 10"

    Strong cast aluminium T profile.
    • Easy to hold, particularly slender trapezoidal shape.
    • Easy to transport.
    • Milled measuring surface.
    • Suitable for overhead measurement

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